Welcome to the Lodi Public Library Foundation. What began in 1907 in the Carnegie Library continue to this day to serve and strengthen our community and empower our citizens through free public access to knowledge.

Mission Statement: The Lodi Public Library Foundation, an independent philanthropic organization, was established in 1999 to cultivate support and raise funds for innovative, major projects for the Lodi Public Library. Its programs fill the gap between the community’s need for library services and available public resources.

Motto: …Filling the gap

Your Lodi Public Library is enhanced by the LPL Foundation and its contributions. The foundation’s support plays a key role in the library’s success. The foundation offers many opportunities for giving, including individual donations, corporate sponsorships and private foundation grants. The results of this generosity can be witnessed on a daily basis The Computer Learning Center, a project of  the Foundation, is powerful proof of the value of community donations. More than 8200 people use the CLC each year for personal research, resume production and job application, homework and scrap booking; overall more than 35,000 people used the library’s public access computers last year.

“Libraries are not made; they grow”

Augustine Birrell


A non-profit organization.
ID No. 68-0438028
A 501 (C) (3) Corporation